Paid Surveys: Earn $3,000 Or More Per Week - You Will Get Rich

Paid Surveys: Earn $3,000 Or More Per Week

Taking Paid Surveys online is a good way to make some extra money if you are a student, unemployed, staying at home, or simply have time to spare. Some people make up to $3000 per week from paid surveys!

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Paid surveys is one of the easiest ways to generate income from home. Simple and easy, and yet so powerful. This method really works and anyone can make money from paid surveys online.

Paid Surveys: It's not the most challenging job out there, but there are surveys that do pay really well. Furthermore, it is a very easy job that you can do just about anywhere and whenever you like. All you need is access to the Internet.

You can earn up to $3,000 dollars and in some cases even more on paid surveys online every week. It is definitely a good way to make extra money from home.

What you must do to earn money for this is partly to answer the surveys, and then you will get paid. You will get everything from $ 5 to $ 75 (and sometimes even more) simply by sitting in front of the computer at home and respond to surveys. We will explain why you get paid to do this in the next section.

Marketing Research Is A Billion Dollar Industry

Marketing research has been a billion dollar industry for a long time. In recent years, the Internet has made it much easier to perform such research.

In order for a company to success, there must be a detailed knowledge of their customers and their market. With the right knowledge of customers and the market can a company make informed and reasonable decisions that lead to increased profits.

Your Opinions Have Commercial Value

Knowledge is power, and your unique opinions, attitudes, assumptions, buying habits, and behavior patterns are interesting for thousands of companies. You are thus in a sea of information that companies want to map and analyze so they can optimize their own profit. This is the reason it is possible to make money on surveys.

It's about capitalizing: The companies want to optimize, and you want to optimize. A company that wants to map the market using surveys must reward their respondents in some way. Very few want to give something for free commercial companies without receiving anything back, and that the companies are fully aware of.

Paid Surveys Questions

The questions you will be asked varies from everything between heaven and earth, and you can work anywhere where you can connect to the Internet. It's easy to understand why paid surveys has become so popular in most western countries.

By replying to paid surveys, companies can map out consumer preferences. Therefore, they also pay fine for this, because they have great advantage of the knowledge they get from those who respond to surveys available.

Why Do Companies Pay You?

Some get associations to pyramid schemes when they first hear about this, but it is of course completely wrong. Pyramid is about to recruit members, as opposed to it to answer the surveys where you actually create something of value, it is thus the value of creative work: Your opinions can be used for research aimed at mapping information for consumers. The information collected is analyzed with the purpose to increase the company's profits. It provides a win-win-win situation for the company, consumers and respondents.

Some companies pay you by bank transfer so you get the money directly into your account, or pay you via PayPal or check. All the options work very well. If the companies only offer to reward you with tickets or gift certificates can be signs that the company is a fraud. Stay up to the companies that offer payment in real money.

How does it work? (Example)

All you really need to do is to take surveys. The questions can be just about anything, but one example would be this one:

- If you had $3.000 in cash right now, which of the following furniture would you like to buy?

Potential Income For Taking Surveys

In the U.S. there are examples of people who have funded the startup of businesses solely by responding to surveys. Others have achieved a formidable return by investing money from paid surveys. Most people who are doing this see it as a nice extra income, but there are also several who live solely on revenue from paid surveys.

Paid Online Surveys: Evaluation and notes considers it to make money on surveys over the Internet as an attractive opportunity for those who want a solid additional revenue without significant effort.

  • $500 to $3.000 per week
  • Easy way to make money
  • No risk except for the time invested in this
  • Possible to make money from day one, but may take some time to get well underway
  • Recommended for those who want easy money and the girl have time to spare

Our experience

As far as possible we have tested out the strategies being discussed on our site. Online surveys give definitely a potential extra income. However, it is important to adapt the demographic criteria. The first week we received a few surveys, and not "more than Monday manage to answer ", as we were promised.

It took some time to get into it, and in other months, we ended up at $ 479.58, still nothing to boast of, but still enough to understand that this was serious matters. In three months it was very much better: From 7 January to 29 January 2007 released it and we earned $ 1653.87 for surveys online, that is around 10,000 dollars. It's still not enough to get rich. However, we where very surprised of these results. Considering that we originally thought that paid surveys was just another stupid concept to rip people off, this was a pleasant surprise.

Start to earn money from paid surveys today

All you need to do to start making money from paid surveys are the following:

  1. Access to an updated list of companies and networks are willing to pay you, no matter where you are in the world.
  2. Register with the various companies.
  3. Follow the instructions that the companies give you, and you will eventually start making money.

First, you get access to an updated list of paid surveys. Lists are unfortunately not free, probably because it is associated with much work to keep the lists updated. Fortunately, you need not go on expensive seminars or buy exclusive VIP membership for this information .

We have even used some affordable options to access the updated lists, they cost us around $ 35 - $ 50, that is a fraction of what we earned back, and that set it is completely "fair" that those who work with this also requires some dollars for member companies. This is a one-time fee that can be paid with VISA / MasterCard / PayPal.

As soon as you have paid you will automatically receive a membership with access to good lists that are updated continuously. These lists contain everything you need to get started making money from paid surveys.

These are the web sites where we purchased our memberships:

Once you have purchased a membership on the pages of you will receive access to everything you need to earn money for paid surveys online. All of the companies mentioned above provides a secure payment is going through a third party, so you can be sure to get refund your money if you are not satisfied with the product (all companies use a popular and reconhecido payment called Click Bank, provides an 8-week money-back guarantee).

Conclusion: Easy way of making money, worth trying

If you want to earn 3,000 - 15,000 dollars a month without significant effort, then this may be appropriate for you. In relation to many other methods that involve "easy money girl" must not turn upside down on his life to earn money for surveys . As we have looked at it is not the most exciting job. But it pays off, and for a period of time, it is certainly worth trying.

Which paid survey company is the best? We have positive experiences with all we have mentioned, but especially Quick Paid Surveys were interesting because they focus on the best paid surveys available, and that one can access very good and updated lists. They also have a guide on how to get started quickly in order to earn money for paid surveys, regardless of where you are in the world.

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